Sunday, 3 May 2009

How to do a Quiff

Hey everyone!

I have 3 followers on here now and 99 on my Youtube channel and now have 23 followers on Twitter. Myspace and Facebook are still the winners with 200-300 friends on each. lol

I love how it just grows and grows! I subscribe, follow, "befriend" so many people myself so it is lovely to get it back!

Anyhow back onto the video I uploaded!

I was requested by MusicQueen05 to do a quiff tut and so I have!

What you will need for this hair do:

(Rat) Tail Comb
(Bobby Pins) Kirby Grips
A Crocodile Clip
A Mirror

Hope you enjoy the tut, sorry for the bad lighting! Post a response if you manage to make a rockin' quiff!!!

Thanks again!

Maxine xx

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