Saturday, 26 September 2009

Body modifying: My Tongue Split

Tongue splitting is something that goes back many many years. In modern day people get it done for different reasons. Some for shock value, some just because they can and others to know what it like and to have two tongues!

I know of very few people in my "circle of people that I know because of someone else", that have split tongues and only know 1 other person personally that has a split tongue.

I have made a point of contacting people on-line who have had their tongues split to gain further knowledge and personal experience on the procedure. I also did ALOT of research into the different methods of splitting a tongue.

No one can tell it better than BME in my opinion so please click the below link for a whole load more of information on tongue splitting.

BME Tongue Splitting

Now this is my story:

I went down to Stockton on Tees on Wednesday, 23rd Sept 2009, after months of talking about it, researching it and getting people's accounts of it. My best friend and piercer/tattooist/mod artist (Mark Boyle @ The Metal Guru) and his work partner Tanya did it for me.

Got there and got food and waited for a friend of their's to arrive as he was helping document it all. Once he was set up and the room with all the equipment was set up I got sat down and got tissue took a swig of water and swilled with mouthwash.

Then he took a toothpick and dipped it in violet ink to line it straight down the middle and then with the help of Tanya holding the left side of my tongue with gauze, he got the haemostats on down the middle and then told me "This is going to feel a bit mad here now and not very nice." He clamped them down,crushing the centre of my tongue and that was brutal! I immediately signalled for the bed to go back as I didn't feel too hot! The mental fear of "right this is now irreversible" was so loud in my head but to be honest the pain soon took over.....After a while I was able to sit up and I take pictures.

So I sat and watched True Blood for an hour with the clamps on while my tissue in my tongue slowly died and then when an hour was up I was too sucked in by vampires to notice the pain! lol

So then Mark and Rich came back up got the scissors ready and started filming again and Mark took the clamps off and got the huge scissors and lined them up and made sure everything was good to go.......the SNIP SNIP SNIP done!!!! cut in half I didn't feel it but he also used the scalpel to slice a bit under my tongue.

Then he checked it saw I had a little bleed stuffed the cut with gauze and told me to keep it in my mouth. I at some point took pain killers. I cannot remember when.

By this point my nerves were starting to wake up and the blood was rushing to the crushed and cut area......and the pain just exploded in my face. I was moaning and had my eyes closed and my legs where jittery and I couldn't keep still. The pain was unreal. The lights went out, Rich turned all recording things off and left the room. I got Mark to put the piercing bed down. He soothed me promising it passes (He had his done the same way) and telling me how mint I had done!

So then he left me mouth full of gauze, lights off to just ride the pain. The checked on me from time to time and after about 35 min or so he came back up and I was coping enough with the pain to open my mouth and eyes and ask if I could swop the gauze. I got up and looked in the mirror as I took it out and from there on pain passed and was gone almost completely!!!

I hung around the shop till nearly 8pm before getting my hour long bus journey home to where I live. By this point I had no pain, just swelling and it wasn't bleeding any more.

For bed I took pain pills, water and gauzed up and went to sleep! Not the best nights sleep but hey!

The next morning I had NO PAIN what so ever but dear god how swollen!?!?! lol And I was eating just fine by the afternoon too. lol

Stay tuned for updates in video form!

Wednesday, 29 July 2009

Catwalk Make-Up Series: Bold Lips

Okay so the next video is up and I have already recorded the next one!

Products needed for a bold lip:

A bright/bold lipstick
Lip liner (optional)
Lip brush (optional)

If you want a lip colour but do not have a lipstick that colour its very simple to make your own! Simply grab a nice eyeshadow that you don't mind scraping to get a bit of powder off of and mix that with some clear gloss of vaseline! Et voila! You have a lush lipcolour minus the lipstick! Enjoy!

Sunday, 26 July 2009

Catwalk Make-Up Series: Marc Jacobs

Hello Everyone,

This it the first installment to my catwalk/runway make-up series.

I am taking insperation from both past and present catwalks and coming to you with a whole bunch of different looks.

Here is a list of what's to come:

Marc Jacobs
Bold Lips
Smokey Eyes

I hope you enjoy this series and there will be more to come!

Marc Jacobs:

Sunday, 7 June 2009

Homemade Protein Shake

I will polish this off later:


10g mixed seeds
10g pumpkin seeds
15 almonds
250ml Spya milk
1tspn honey

Grind up seeds and nuts and place, along with milk and honey, in a blender. Blend till fully mixed and frothy. Enjoy!

This drink in full of protein needed for muscle repair after a workout. Drink this preferably within 30 min of finishing your workout!

Happy body sculpting people!

P.S Video to come when it has uploaded!

Monday, 25 May 2009

Peach/Purple/Aqua Combo

This is a very fast pictorial that I hope you will enjoy!

Products used:


Paradisco by M.A.C (Lid)
Stars & Rockets by M.A.C (Crease)
Sunset B by M.A.C (Above crease)
Dazzlelights by M.A.C (Highlight)
Aquadisiac by M.A.C (Under eye)
Rimmel Eyeliner in White
Blacktrack by M.A.C
Collection 2000 Mascara in Black

If you have any requests then put them in the comments below! xxx