Thursday, 30 April 2009

Big Hair Tutorial!

Hey everyone!

I have uploaded a new video on Youtube on how to bowdry your hair BIG!

Here is a list of products used in the order I used them:

(All products are by Tigi)


Fast Fixx (Leave in Conditioner)
Superstar Queen for a Day (Thickening Spray)
Root Boost ( Texture & Lift Spray)


Hard Head (Hairspray)
Shiny Happy People (Shine Spray)

Brush used:

Head Jog number 70

I hope it is of some use! Please note that NO straightners will be used in this look!

Thanks for watching and feel free to comment and subscribe!


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  2. Dunno much about hair, but it was kind of interesting video.

    P.S Probably not because of the main theme of it (hair)

    Best Wishes

  3. Rachael Roland15 May 2009 at 08:43

    I love this video!
    haven't tried it out yet but its defonately on my to-do list :)
    well done
    your an inspiration!